The University of Iceland Science Centre

Vísindasmiðjan or UniSci is a small educational science center in Reykjavik, managed by the University of Iceland. UniSci is also the anchor of the Knowledge Train (Háskólalestin), touring Iceland with public science communication events. The aim of the centre is to encourage young people’s interest in science in a lively and interactive way.

At UniSci we have a variety of interactive tools and equipment that allows visitors to explore and experience the wonders of science. The centre has been very popular since it opened in 2012 and has been fully booked almost every day since.

School visits

UniSci offers school-groups accompanied by their teachers to visit the centre free of charge. The visit is aimed at students aged 11-15.

The allowed group size is up to 25 students accompanied by at least two teachers.

To book a visit please go to our booking site

Each school-group visit is split into three main activities:

  • an informal chat and activity on a natural-science based theme
  • an introduction to the objects and equipment of the science center
  • free time to explore the center

Generally the school-group is split into two groups and each group gets half an hour each on the natural-science based theme and the introduction to the center, and then the groups are combined in free time exploring the centre.  

The informal natural-science based chat and activity varies with who is teaching that day at the centre. We have variety of subjects such as astronomy, wind-mill making, chemistry, math, geology, plastics and biology. We also offer a variety of projects for teachers to use before and after the visit.

During the introduction to the centre you will get to know our collection of objects to show physical phenomenon in tangible ways. We have for example levitating magnets, pendulums, a drawing swing and much more! After this you will have free time to explore, so the students can explore more in depth the things they find most interesting.

Courses for teachers

UniSci regularly offers teachers training programs in variety of subjects such as programming with Raspberry Pi, Microbit, Scratch, Sphero, Blue Bots, First Lego League etc.

General public

UniSci often has open days for the general public, both at the centre itself and as well pop ups at certain fairs and events.

For future events please take a look at "viðburðir" on this website or our Facebook site.


UniSci works with and collaborates with virety of partnes such as the Department of Education and Youth, Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland (VFÍ). We also have a variety of international partners and projects with have participated in.


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Opening hours

School group visits are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Two visits are offered each day at 9.15 and 11.00.

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